Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Blogsvertise is a company that pays bloggers to review products and services and write articles regarding them on their (bloggers) blog. I have signed up to review products and services for Blogsvertise and will occasionally post articles for review. I want my readers to be assured that my review will in no way affect the quality or the integrity in which I write. My commitment to the Word of the living God is that of truth and will not be compromised by my reviews of certain products. I will, as a matter of fact, weigh the quality of these products/services against the inerrant Word if necessary. If anyone is interested in writing articles for Blogsvertise, you may find them at the following address:


  1. You's not the best. I've been a member since July of last year and I've only received 2 assignments. One for this blog and one for the OliveParent. I've earned 15 dollars from them thus far.

    I've heard payperpost is much better, but their rules are a bit more tougher than blogsvertise. Your blog has to be @ least 90 days old with consistent, original material.

    However, I do earn a nice amount of $ (not great) via surveys. Compared to Adsense, I've earned @ least $300.00 in the past 6 to 8 months. With adsense I'm not even past the halfway mark. :)


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