Sunday, June 6, 2010

Is Modern Better? A Response to a Comment Part II

The following is a response to a comment left on Is Modern Better? - A Response to a Comment


This will be the last comment I will respond to. Ultimately, you have your own beliefs and I have mine. I am not attempting, nor have ever tried, to change your mind about the KJV, and you will never convince me to go against the prompting of the Spirit and my own personal experiences with both translations, so any further discussions will be futile and a waste. But because you have stopped by to share your concerns about the KJV, I am compelled to point out fact from fiction as well as answer some of your questions…

You say…

"I have to stop and think ok how would this be today or what was he trying to say it bothers me"

Please do speak for yourself. Your issues are not mine. I, as well as many others, can read the KJV and understand the language just fine. In instances where a word may not clear, or may need to be expounded upon, I refer to the Hebrew/Greek Lexicon. You have mentioned in your original comment as well, that the KJV was difficult for you to read/understand because of the language. If this is true, how can you personally declare the KJV full of errors if you have difficulty reading it?

Or are you simply reiterating theologies & philosophies of another?
History may be a fact of happenstance, but is not proof. Multiple manuscripts vs. single manuscripts may be a fact of happenstance, but it is not proof. Modern language is a fact of happenstance. Whether it is better in relaying the principles of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is an opinion, relative to the experience of an individual...and is NOT proof.

What IS proof are the end results of the translations itself. Taking a lesson from Christ Himself... Luke 6

44  “For every tree is known by his own fruit. For of thorns men do not gather figs, nor of a bramble bush gather they grapes.”

In other words, proof is in the pudding... the end result of a "product". If I make a pie with cherries and declare it an apple pie, it is obvious by tasting it; it is, in fact, a cherry pie.

Once again, I have read/studied out of the NLT for YEARS and loved it, but when it came to wholesome (books/chapter) reading, in all of its simplicity and modern-ability, principles lacked cohesiveness that caused confusion. It was with the KJV, by comparison of BOTH translations, that shone through and provided that cohesiveness that was lacking. It is by THIS reason ONLY, I have switched translations...not because someone else told me I should, or because I believe in and espouse beliefs & theories of another. This is my testimony, one that I sought out the LORD for help, guidance, and understanding and was led of Him.

Why is that so difficult to understand? To seek Him and to be led of His Spirit? Why is that offensive? Lastly, why does my testimony give me a label of KJV Onlyism?

I have never heard of the term until now. What I thought might have been a typo on your part, was an actual subject discovered when I was led to Google the term. Lo and behold, I found links upon links of KJV Onlyism.
When have I declared the KJV inerrant? When have I declared it is the only translation to be read of?

“Jesus did not speak 16th century English. So why on earth everyone thinks that is the bible we should use is beyond me”

He spoke Hebrew, Greek and possible Aramaic. I’m pretty positive He would have spoken 16th century English if that was the time and place the Heavenly Father chose for Him. Maybe you shouldn’t limit your thinking to earthly things. Is God not an all powerful God, who transcends time and distance with His (Holy) Spirit? Of whom He is willing to give to those who would believe on His Son?

"Why is it always the KJV that everyone says is correct? Who says so?"

My have me, and this blog, confused for a debate forum. I could give 2 figs about the "debate" and its involved theories about the KJV and modern translations. The varying theories presented by opposing sides bore me to tears. I am not compelled to delve myself into man-made ideals as they are flawed and divisive.  So I cannot answer you what "everyone says". I know what the Spirit has taught and shown me.

"Could be a number of reasons but I firmly believe God uses many translations to teach us."

Really?? You could have fooled me. I got the distinct impression that you believe that "many of the ideas and things conveyed in KJV are wrong". Or do mean to say you firmly believe that God uses many translations, except the KJV to teach us?....I'm confused….if the latter is true, then God has been put in a box and limited only to the understanding of humanistic understanding and thoughts. The God I worship and know can use ALL things, good, evil, weak, powerful etc. for His Glory!

You go on to say "because the translators were trying to convey what they were reading into something modern at the time".

Is that principle not also applicable to these times as well? Being "much more qualified" as a translator doesn't mean a "more qualified" translator cannot have hidden motives and agenda just as you believe the KJV is filled with the church of England's beliefs.

Or do you believe that translators of our time are simply more "righteous" than those of old? To believe as such is to ignore 3 glaring discrepancies of our time.

1. Christianity is divided beyond recognition. Translators hail from varying denominations and doctrinal teaching which often conflicts with each other and sound doctrine.

2. Christianity has become politically involved. Evangelism has come to mean legislation. Translators can be politically inclined or persuaded.

3. Christianity has become capitalistically inclined. Translators can undoubtedly be motivated by money in some shape or form.

Why would it be wrong for me to encourage others to research the motives of publishers/translators of this time? Should they research the KJV? Absolutely! Should they do a biblical comparison? Undoubtedly! I sure did and have made my choice. What a Believer should NEVER do is to take someone (man) else’s word for truth.

What a valuable resource the blood of Christ gives us! Reconciliation with the Father! An intimate relationship with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! Why should a Believer accept flawed theories, ideas of man and not ask the CREATOR of man for wisdom and understanding for their own personal verification?  Why in Heaven a Believer/Christian takes another’s word, while ignoring this phenomenon is beyond me!

“I will never understand why everyone thinks that the KJV is more accurate when its been proven its not. People who study this stuff I would think know more then then the rest of us.”

I don’t know what “proof” you’re referring to. Something someone else said?  I have my own personal experience to draw upon.

Why do you concern yourself with “everyone” else? You would do well to focus on your own relationship with the Lord. If the NLT works for you, then by all means stay with the NLT. You take away from your growth in Him by attempting to understand the thinking of others, when you should be attempting to understand the Wisdom of God.

I find your last statement, ironic at best. I certainly don’t see you sharing scripture and your knowledge of God. What you have done in both of your comments is espouse history and theories without sharing personal testimony. If you have questions about my “knowledge” or proof of my understanding of (KJV) scripture, please do take a look at my other posts. This blog has been up since 2007 and I have been sharing “confessions” since then. 

All in all, I do wish you the best in your quest for understanding the Wisdom of the Lord and your relationship with Him. May He bless and keep you.