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The Integrity of Fellowship and Accountability
Stuff False Doctrines are Made of
Church a Stumbling Block to Faith?
Modern Day Prophets?
Translation vs. Paraphrase
The Parable of the Sower
The Parable of the Sower Addendum
Speaking in Tongues
Idle Words
The Hope of the Gospel 
Why I Do Not Call Myself Christian
Purposefully Unchurched
Purposefully Unchurched Part II
The Golden Calf
Gospel 101
Can Date-Setting Be Justified?
God Told Me...
The Days of Noe
The Theory Behind the Rhetoric
Defending The Faith
The Fatherless and the Widows
Author of the Gospel
3,000 Miles Wide - 3 inches Deep
To Sabbath or Not to Sabbath?
The First Reprint
Confessions of a Former World Wide Church of God Member

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Salvation by Faith, the Original Decree
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Go and Sin No More
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Myths of Today's Christian Culture