Monday, September 29, 2008

More Than Gold

For the past week I have been wondering what to post about. I would
decide on a subject, start typing and then lose the inspiration for the
post. But today it has never been more clear to me. As the economy is in
a downward spiral and the doom and gloom of end-timers sound off a
chorus of soon imending wrath of God and the end of America as we know
it, I will praise Him.

I praise the Lord God for indeed He is worthy to be praised! I declare
of Him and His Works. He has sheltered me and mine! I declare of His
mercy for indeed has He has shown me His loving-kindness. Too many times
today's Christian count material wealth as blessings and "proof" of the
Lord's acceptance of their works-rich lifestyle. With America's
financial system threatened, I have been blessed with peace and faith,
more precious than gold...what this economy cannot take from me. I
praise Him! Worthy is the Lord of Hosts! All you who wait upon Him
Faithfully, praise His Holy name!

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