In Spirit and In Truth
 Communication Guidelines

If you would like to contact me with a question, that you do not wish to leave on this blog,  I would be more than thrilled to hear from you. I do have a few guidelines I need you to follow to ensure  respectful and uplifting correspondence between the two of us.

1.  No Debates

I will not debate points or parts of the Bible or scripture, theologies, doctrines or anything relating to the Lord and His truth in this venue. It is a waste of time, energy and emotion. They contribute to division, strife and enemies. They lead nowhere but the opposite corners we started from. If we can agree on the validity of the KJV and the power of the Holy Spirit of the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob to bring forth understand and teaching. Then we have, at least, a mutual starting point. Genuine questions will be genuinely answered. Debates posed as questions will not be answered.

In saying this, it does not mean I will not discuss or share scripture. Common sense dictates that If I am approached with an agenda to argue an opinion or belief contrary to truth, no resolution can occur unless I concur with the opposing view...and that will be unlikely... the only correction I receive is of the Holy Spirit.

2. Christian blog, sites or products or link exchanges

If this is a blog you would like to be linked to please do preview this blog as best as you can. Please keep in mind that not all requests are accepted. 

3. General blogs, sites, products reviews,  link exchanges or advertisements

I can review your site, blog or product with a link in the review post. All reviews will be subjected to my personal opinion and experience.  I  have I have another blog, It's Your Journey  about natural childbirth, pregnancy etc., your site may be relevant to that blog. Take a moment to review that blog. Please keep in mind that not all requests will be accepted. IS&IT also welcomes contact in regards to advertisement. 

*Note - I do not respond to international emails requesting transfer of funds in any shape or form. DO NOT contact me if you have "business propositions" involving transfers of monies, specifically those claiming to represent the BANK OF AFRICA and generally, those claiming to be dying, wealthy, childless Christians. I only respond to questions, comments and discussions about Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Son of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. All other emails attempting to defraud and spam will be reported. THANK YOU :)

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