Friday, July 13, 2007

James and Adrian

James and Adrian, a fictional story based tentatively on a true story

James was a man of accomplishment. For many years, he worked as an entrepreneur, developing a variety of products that brought him much acclaim and prosperity. He was a man of order, direction and purpose. He controlled his holdings and interests with stellar leadership encased with kindness and respect for his employees.

The only luxury he allowed for himself was his home. His home was built upon a vision he had held near and dear to his heart. Over the span of his career, he would slowly and surely add to his house. Every room, every item and every place for it was carefully thought out and planned. His contractor understood his vision of the dream home and fulfilled every desire James had for his house. They became one in their vision and desire for this beautiful creation. One day, it was finally finished. James decided it was time to retire from his long, successful career and enjoy the home he had built for himself.

James wasn't married or had any children of his own, so he decided what the home needed was a dog. He went out and purchased a pure bred, Saint Bernard, and named him Adrian. The first few months of his retirement were spent teaching and training Adrian. James trained Adrian, long and hard, teaching him how to live in the home he worked so hard to build.There was a certain part of the house that Adrian was not to enter for his own safety, James made sure Adrian understood that rule. James took care of Adrian with all the love he had for him, and Adrian loved him in return.

One day, Adrian noticed the door to the forbidden part of the home was ajar. Remembering the rule, he sniffed around the door and found it to be a interesting smell. With his nose, he nudged the door open even further and slowly ventured in. The room was flooded with a brilliant light as the sun shone directly into curtain less windows. Blinded, dazzled by the warmth of the sun and light, he ventured further, unseeingly. Suddenly, he was attacked by a set of teeth on his hind leg. Yelping, he ran out of the room. Adrian limped to a corner to lick his wound and nurse his shame.

James knew what had happened when he saw Adrian in the corner. James was heartbroken, for Adrian had been bitten by a rabid animal. James knew that Adrian's behavior and attitude towards him had been changed. He knew that Adrian would no longer respect the order and the peace that had been established in his home. They could no longer exist peacefully in love, if Adrian refused to listen to instruction that would keep him safe and whole. Adrian need to be put down.

What ARE we saved from?
Someone recently asked this question. What ARE we saved from?We are saved from total and complete separation from the Father. Not only as we live and breathe on this earth (Holy Spirit of promise), but an eternity of separation.
Through parental, romantic and friendship relationships we understand the concept of love. But, not ONE person on this earth has known the essence of love, until they have been reconciled with the Creator of Love.
"I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well."
Psalms 139:15
Being restored unto Him brings life to our souls and order in our lives, for only then are we made whole as a created image of Him.
"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16
For this reason, we bow down before Christ and declare our Praises unto His holy name!


  1. Hey Hannah, you quoted a Psalm from King David. How was David forgiven and how was King David saved? Considering that David lived about 1000 years before Jesus died.

    How was it that YHWH (LORD) was able to forgive King David. Nothing is written about David needing to give an animal sacrifice. Nathan just said he was forgiven.
    The opposite was that King Saul was rejected and not forgiven, and he did give animal sacrifices?

    Was King David along with Moses and the Prophets saved?

    If so, how could they be saved before
    before the arrival of Jesus.

  2. Enlight,
    I will respond to your comments in a post. Not to draw attention to you, but because the comment format simply will not do for the responses you have asked of me.

    Note to other readers: Read the comments under "Modern Day Prophets?" for further clarification


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