Monday, July 30, 2007

Light Of The World American Sign Language short clip

*For whatever reason, the clip is not showing please click

Ministry for the Deaf, Salvation.


  1. Hi Hannah,
    Thanks for that! I didn't know they had that. It's so hard to find things when you don't know where to look, huh? Anyway, I placed this video on the Faith Today page of the website. I thought it was fitting. :) In Him

  2. I took a peek at the page! Thanks for putting it on your website!

  3. To My Readers: I will posting the series of "Light of the World American Sign Language" Every other day (tentative) So check back to Spirit and view the lastest!

    There are ten (I believe) parts.

  4. Oh, and Hannah, if you feel led, you may post these on the website too. You do have access you know. I trust you to heed the voice of the Spirit, and to offer only what is Glofifying to the Lord. The Purple P Shoppe is not the only place you are allowed to go, you know. :)


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