Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Light of the World American Sign Language movie part 1

In part 1 of "The Light of the World", it talks about creation (the beginning). There are no exact passages listed in the clip so I will list them. I can't say I'm too thrilled about the type of pictures shown in the clip (in the background), but I do agree with the very basics explained. It's a good clip for those seeking. Who want to know who God is and how it all began.

Scripture to read along with the clip:

Genesis 1
Genesis 2
Genesis 3
Genesis 4
Isaiah 14:9-15
Acts 26:18


  1. I am really loving these, Hannah! Posted this one on "Get to know Jesus" page of website. If you'd like and you have time, you can post the scripture references along with it. (I didn't have time this morning.) Love ya, my PPF!

  2. Aren't they cool!? I was beyond thrilled to have found these clips! I will most certainly post the references for you.

  3. I have more than one friend who uses sign language. I'm sure both of them would appreciate videos like this (they're already believers). Thanks for the cool post. Keep posting more of them.

  4. NYCindividual,

    I most certainly will! I'll be posting the 2nd part soon so keep checking back!

  5. Hi,
    I am looking for a streaming web site that will show me how to sign the books of the Bible.
    My six yr. old is learning the sign language alphabet and numbers. He is also learning the books of the Bible and I would love for him to learn them in sign language too.
    If you have any idea where I could find some help I would really appreciate it.
    Thank You,

  6. Hello Sherry,

    As of now, I don't know any websites such as the one you're describing.

    However, I will be looking into that. I have a sister who is deaf and is actively involved in the Deaf Culture. I am hard of hearing as well, but am not as actively involved as she is. I will pick her brain and pass any valuable information on to you. :) Thanks for stopping by


  7. Hi Hannah,
    Thank you for your sweet and swift response. I look forward to any information that may be available regarding this.

  8. Oh not a problem at all! My sister as I mentioned is very active in the Deaf community, however, she is also hard to get a hold of! :) With that I'm going to do the best I can to get any information within a week.

    I have been meaning to add more sign language info to my blog, so it's really not a problem, I should be thanking you for getting me motivated to finish what I've been putting off!
    Thanks Sherry ;)

  9. very interesting! And a great tool too.


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