Thursday, July 26, 2007

An Update

In my last post, True Blessings, I mentioned my financial situation. I wanted to thank those who prayed for me and who have contributed to help us out in this time of need. My most heartfelt and humble thanks to you, you know who you are!

I haven't posted in awhile in light of other responsibilities at home, I thank you once again for your patience! We are doing well and continue to be blessed with "gold tried by fire"! My husband and I have an appointment tomorrow to finalize our business plan. We are hopeful and prayerful that we can get back on track. Provident Medical Billing Services was established in 2005. Take a look at the website if you wish to see what we do. However, it has been "dormant" for a while. Hopefully with an approval for a business loan I will be able to dust it off! Though our situation still remains at high alert, we are confident and hopeful that the Lord will see these seeds sown in faith and give increase to our effort. We are also praying for the opportunity to host a small group gathering in our home as well. Our ministry at this point has be 100% led of the Spirit. Just the other day my husband took our children to a park. It happened to be a park we don't normally go to. He saw someone playing basketball there with children. They greeted each other and started playing. My husband stopped to communicate to my oldest daughter (via sign language), who is hard-of-hearing (like me!). The gentleman who was playing basketball with him naturally took notice, however, it turned out he had a daughter who was also hearing impaired! Not only that, our daughters had the same name (and aproximately the same age)! To top off a surprising encounter, it turned out that this gentleman was a Believer. Naturally, they shared and glorified God.

This happens quite frequently enough for us to understand the guidance of the Spirit, and we are at heart free spirit (omitting the plural sense for there is only one Spirit of God)! In any event, our joy remains full in Him as our hearts and lives become fuller each step we take in faith. Once again, thank you my brothers and sisters of the faith, may He enrich you in love, His love, the biggest and best blessing of them all!

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  1. As you've noticed I've changed my blog quite a bit. I'm not quite finished with it, so more thanks for your patience! It is my goal to publish a professional blog!


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