Monday, August 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Zeke!

Today is my second son's birthday! He's number 4 of 5 and he is three years old! In honor of his birthday I would like to share the story of his birth. My pregnancy with Ezekiel was a pregnancy where God's glory was manifested and my faith in Him validated!

My husband and I had naturally elected to have a home birth with Ezekiel as we had our first son, Ezra. However, our insurance had changed this time around and my midwife who was swamped with other clients, couldn't accept our new insurance policy. She took us on tentatively since the month our due date was determined was in August when she had 6(or so) other mothers expecting that same month.

I saw her periodically throughout my pregnancy for prenatal care. She had referred me to a doctor to have an ultrasound. My husband and I met with the doctor and he proceeded with the examination.

At that point I was seven months pregnant. After asking our permission, he announces that we're having another son! He tells us that the baby is six pounds, and according to his measurements, the baby was at term and was due next month! He gives us a due date of July 20th. Now, I know my body pretty well. I chart my "highs" and "lows" of month.(I'm sparing you the details!) I have a 3 ring binder in where I keep my charts. I know when I conceived Zeke, but the doctor insisted that his measurements were exact and that the baby was due July 20th and not August 15th. With this new information in mind, my husband and I were confused and even started to doubt ourselves. Since the baby at this point was so big, the doctor just may be right.

In light of the situation with our midwife and insurance combined with our desire to have a home birth, we were led to the understanding that we just may have this baby ourselves. At that point, we did intensive research on unassisted childbirth. Armed with Spirit of God, faith, knowledge and birth supplies, we waited with joy the birth of our second son. We had announced to everyone the new due date, but had not shared the knowledge of our potential unassisted birth.

July 20th approached and I appeared to have contractions. Looking back now, I wonder if they occurred because I "expected" to have Zeke around that time. The came and went and time week went by, then two more. It was clear to us by then that the doctor's due date was wrong! Thinking about it now I praise the Lord we were dependant upon Him and not the "knowledge" of man! If I we were, this post would have been written a month ago! There is no doubt in my mind if he was my primary doctor, labor would have been induced! Ezekiel was born a month to the day!

We were prepared and ready for him. When real labor happened it was intense, but not unnecessarily long. I elected to have a water birth, for the comfort and warmth of the water. He (Ezekiel) was delivered by my husband's hand with no problem and no tearing occurred at my expense! He took his first breath with a hiccup, a moment we will never forget. It was an intimate setting in our bedroom, my husband, myself, our brand new, minute old baby in the presence of our Father! Our midwife arrived afterward and checked out the baby and myself, and pronounced that God is Good!(She is a Believer as well!) He weighed in at 10lb and 12 oz.! A big baby! Today at the age of 3 he weighs a whopping 48lbs. He's our little linebacker. Happy Birthday baby!

Author's note:
This is MY personal testimony of unassisted childbirth. I'm in no way endorsing Unassisted Childbirth as a method for everyone, so please do not assume as such! Unassisted Childbirth is a legal choice of home birth. Unassisted Childbirth is a method some couples/mothers choose to have her child outside of a hospital setting. However, if you DO have questions and and interest, I would be more than happy to answer them!


  1. Yeah for Zeke! Happy birthday, buddy! Your card is in the mail with all your other packages for you and your brothers and sisters. Love you little man! Your Aunt Shalene

  2. Oops I am a little late, but please wish him a belated Happy Birthday for me, and tell him it comes from all the way across the world from Singapore! :)

    God bless you and your family, Hannah.


  3. His first international birthday blessing! Thanks Sicarii!


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