Friday, January 25, 2008

Calling All Former WCG Members

In my post "Confessions of a Former Worldwide Church of God Member", a former WCG member stumbled upon my blog/post. Now I would love to know where you are and what you're doing post WCG. If you are a former WCG member with a blog, I would like to add your link under the link list "Former WCG Members Blogs". Leave a comment and I'll check it out! Or if you know someone who was a former WCG with a blog, please leave a comment as well. Consider it as sort of a meeting place to see how others are faring in their post WCG "clean up"!

May Peace and Joy be multiplied through your faith in Christ Jesus of Nazareth!


(There is no more :))


  1. I was once WWCG member...Baptised and at times it seemed judgemental, and somewhat bound in certain things-but it was a stepping stone for me and have no regrets...Its like David who fled Saul out of respect for him for he was the king...

  2. There is a small group of WWCG ex-members who wants 2010 to be the year Grace Communion International (the new name of the Worldwide Church of God, which has retained its hierarhical governance, and lack of fiscal responsibility) becomes financially accountable. As of this writing, Grace Communion International skims 15% of all donations from 900 congregations, with absolute zero accountability to where that money goes. Unfortunately, the response of one pastor may be typical: they just don't care where the money is going. This is likely due to the decades of "You don't ask where your money is going! Your money is going to GOD, to be spent as GOD sees fit!" fear-indoctrination that was used in the church.

    You can read more about the ongoing fight for financial accountability from Grace Communion International/Worldwide Church of God, at the Purple Hymnal blog. (The archives also contain a thorough deconstruction of the Armstrongist hymns we used to sing, and the Armstrongist theology those hymns reinforced.)

    Please link, and thank you!


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