Thursday, January 17, 2008

Home Birth is a Safe Option, but is is Safer?

I have a blog that I started a few months ago. It was called The Vineyard of Prayer and was supposed to be a prayer blog, however, it did not evolve as I expected and has been mostly dormant. Upon finding out that I am expecting my sixth child, I rededicated The Vineyard of Prayer to my pregnancy and has now become a parenting blog.

I renamed it TheOliveParent. Like, In Spirit and In Truth, it is a faith based blog, but doesn't necessarily cater to professed Believers only. It focuses on parenting issues as well as pregnancy, childbirth, home birth, breastfeeding and any topics associated with it.

I wrote a post today regarding home birth and the safety of it compared to a hospital birth for low-risk women. Because of the nature of the post, I thought it would be fitting for this blog as well. So please take a moment and read today's post on TheOliveParent, Home birth is a Safe Option, but is it Safer?.

God Bless!

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