Saturday, May 31, 2008

He Who Shall Not Remain Nameless

In my babymoon  haze, I forgot to announce the name of my new son. :)

I have been asked repeatedly by various individuals throughout my pregnancy about a name for the baby. The norm for this society is one unusually selects a name for a baby prior to it's birth. Throughout my pregnancy I had no clue, nor idea of what my child would be named. I also had no idea of the gender of the baby. We had never heard of his name prior to the day we found it.

My husband and I have come to view naming our children as something that should be selected with reverence. We truly believe every child given to us of God, He foreknew and predestinated for His time and purpose. We have come to the knowledge that these children are truly His children and people. So when it comes to naming them, we could not give them a name that results from personal preference, or idea of what we expect the child to be. We came upon this understanding, when the names we were led to name our older children were truly manifested in their character.

Our oldest son, named Ezra, means helpful one. He undoubtedly lives up to his namesake. He is the first to volunteer his services and is the first to react when help is warranted.

Our second son named Ezekiel means God strengthens. Not only does he at the age of three, show a heart of strength in love, but is physically very strong and a big boy. He could easily pass for the age of 6 in his preschool years and has demonstrated unusual strength.

Through these manifestations God continues to glorify and testify of Himself to us. He continues to validate and justify our commitment to live by Faith. My husband and I are FAR from perfect. We have not earned any of these blessings by our own actions, but by the promises of God, as He is faithful and RIGHTEOUS in His stead and commands.

"For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith." -- Romans 1:17

There is no other way to live in the sight of God.

For His Righteousness and His Glory, I'm pleased to announce the name of our new baby:


Jeshaiah Anthony

Jeshaiah (Jeh-shy-ah) is Hebrew for God is salvation.

To see pictures of Jeshaiah, please visit my other blog, TheOliveParent

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