Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Righteousness of Self

There are many frightful things in today's society. Guns and people with
guns. TV shows can be a scary thing for a parent. Commercials alone can
be considered soft porn. Driving can be extremely fearful when you
consider accidents and road rage. Maybe you have a certain phobia that
you struggle with. As a child, the zoo was a scary place for me, even
though I LOVED the zoo. I always had that lingering fear in the back of
mind, "What if the lion breaks out of its cage?". I was constantly
composing an escape route at every animal house, despite the fact I was
completely entranced by their existence. As an adult I put those fears
away...sort of :)

When I discovered the truth of my sin I was no longer deceived by it (my
departure from the living God Hebrews 4:13-14). When I took the cup of
salvation made by the blood of Christ, I was set free, and the law of
the Lord was written upon my heart. It is in this adult stage I've
developed a different kind of phobia, the righteousness of the self.

Guns and people with guns is a scary thing, but the scariest thing ever
to happen to man is his own self-righteousness. People in positions of
power entrenched in their own self-righteousness is a scary thing for
me. Christians preaching and practicing salvation by works are lost in
their own self-righteousness, and it is a scary thing to behold. I have
encountered the self-righteous unbeliever and I have been manipulated by
the self-righteous Christian. From my very personal experiences I have
concluded that there is nothing scarier than a self-righteous human.

Self-righteousness, is self explanatory. It is "righteousness" that
comes from the fallible self. Right and wrong is created on the whims
and desires of the self. That self is a law unto its self, submitting to
no one...least of all the Creator of man. Yes, it is scary. Is it any
wonder why God, who IS righteous, declared death to be the penalty of
sin? There are those who claim that an eternal hell is far too steep a
punishment for sin. To them, I say go live in country or county where
lawlessness (accountability to no one) is prevalent and then tell me our
God is an unjust God. Yes, He has been made into a scapegoat, whereby He
is accused for the sufferings happening around the globe, when the
sufferings are made at the hands of the self-righteous, who have
divorced themselves from the Creator.

Christianity fares no better. As whole they are divided, distorting the
image of God by misrepresenting the Gospel of Christ, with various
doctrines of "self-righteousness". It is a principle that a divided
house cannot stand, but a divided house presenting more than one gospel,
pushes the unbelieving society further its unbelief.

Once upon the Garden of Eden, man issued a declaration of independance,
and all hell broke loose. And as long as self-righteousness reigns on
earth, hell will continue to be loose. I thank God for Jesus Christ my
Lord who will return with "the keys of hell and death"! (Revelation
1:18) Self-righteousness IS sin's deceit! Do not be deceived into
thinking that any action of your own pleases the Lord. Only by faith can
He be pleased! Hebrews 11:6 Humble youself in the sight of God, because
without Him, you can do nothing...

" I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in
him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do
nothing." - John 15:5

Author's Note:

I completed this post via phone. Therefore there are no hyperlinks to
the scriptures listed in the post. I will add the hyperlinks at a later
date. I apologize in advance for any misspellings and grammatical
errors. :)

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