Thursday, August 28, 2008

45 Years ago, He Had A Dream

As an African American, I cannot express the contentment and interal joy
I have watching an historical phenomenon come to pass, as a child I have
always been inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. As an adult, I can
appreciate, the profound wisdom, talent and insight, of this man and his
vision for the future. 45 years ago, he spoke of a dream that seemed so
far fetched and unattainable of his time. Truly it wasn't a
was hope. This man inspired thousands with this hope. As I watch Barack
Obama conjure 1st time voters out of the woodwork, its more than a dream is hope renewed.

This is attraction of Obama. The same magnetic pull Martin Luther King

I'm watching people dancing and chanting as they await Obama's speech at
the Democratic National Convention. I realize something vital...ALL
people NEED hope. They WANT hope. No matter how dire a prospect or
situation looks hope, is always there. In this light, Modern day
Christians, who SHOULD be a conductor of HOPE have failed miserably. The
hope of the Gospel alone, the message of redemption and remission of
sin, the message of eternal life in peace and joy with God the Father,
Jesus the Son is not the hope others see in Modern day Christians, they
do not see it, therefore they are not inspired by it. They do not
identify with it, because it has not been presented to them. They do not
dance for it, because no joy has been found in it. The hope of the
Gospel has been presented to the world as a legalistic measure, a burden
and a stumbling block they run from this "Gospel" to a hope that is inspiring as it may be for the near future, it is short

All the while Christians attack Obama for offering the one thing people
desire...hope. While they harbor a greater hope than he (Obama) offers.
Do not be confused, I'm not promoting Obama, who is a man. I am and
always will promote Christ Jesus the Savior of the world and HIS message
of hope, grace and liberty! Although, I will freely admit that if I
would vote, undoubtedly, it would be a vote for Obama! If anyone should
think negatively of my opinion, let me remind you that it was the
Evangelicals that put Bush into office in the first place. So what am I
saying here?? I'm saying return to your first love!

As an African American, my history is filled with the sadness and
devastation of slavery, oppression and a denial of our basic rights. If
there is ANYTHING I, and those like me understand...its HOPE! To see
Obama, a black man, accept the nomination for president on the
anniversary of MKJ's "Dream" speech is truly a beautiful moment for
hope...which proves it can be fulfilled.

Indeed my hope IS Christ Jesus, IN Christ Jesus, FOR Christ Jesus. And
some day...some day very soon, I will see Him returning to replace
temporary hope with the manifestation of eternal truth! Come quickly
Lord Jesus!
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