Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Pretty Neat Networking Site

I discovered a pretty nifty social networking site called the You can sign up for free. It gives you your personal url and allows you to invite friends to participate in live chat. It also has a message board, journal, blog and more. You can subscribe to iPrayer feed as well. The great thing about it is you promote your own personalized testimony. When the site was referred to me, I didn't think I would find it appealing, however, its pretty wholesome. To network click on this link, Lords Message Network

I liked enough to join it :) check out my personalized profile at: Confessions_ucb feel free to join as a friend of mine! My personalized space on this site is still a work in progress. Take a moment and read my first "inspiring story" at this link: My Inspiring Story . Overall, all I give this social networking site two thumbs up!

Additional links:

Inspiring Story List

LordsMessage Bloglist

There is no "more" :)


  1. I'll go have a look.

    Problem is that Christian social networking sites tend not to take off for some reason. I've been in a few and my accounts there have been dormant most of the time, ha ha!

  2. I know exactly what you mean. Since joining I haven't been active much! much to do, so little time. Its still a pretty neat site since it has your own url. I haven't found much that I like, but was pretty impressed with this one.

  3. My RSS reader (I use Google Reader), where I get feeds from blogs like yours, is enough to kill me sometimes. If I don't check it for a day, there can be close to 300 unread articles in there waiting!


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