Thursday, October 8, 2009

Getting With The Program

It's AMAZING to me how technology has taken me surprise. I have been rendered slightly helpless, by the convenience of modern technology. How sad. Allow me to explain... two years ago I was given a Sidekick by which I have delighted myself to it's bells and whistles. A Sidekick is typically considered a smart phone for the socially savvy youth. However, a lot of deaf and hard of hearing persons use this device for communication. In any event, I fell in love with it and it indeed became my sidekick. I just didn't know how dependant I was on it until lately. T-Mobile (Danger) is having a MAJOR data outage that has lasted a week now. With no email, all of my contacts deleted, lost calendar information, it seemed as if my digital life has come to a standstill.

Over the past two years I have created the perfect scenario with my phone where I could receive third party email accounts on my sidekick. I could get comments left on my blog instantly and reply. And now this... is the sad part of it didn't occur to me, until now that I could actually log into the computer and check my blog myself... Sad? Yes, very. So I'm snapping it out of it... Some of you have left comments on my blog.. I will be replying to those shortly.

Much love,


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