Saturday, December 26, 2009

Evangelical Church in Denver

Rev. Mark Tidd of Highlands church in Denver has announced his
embracement of same sex relationships.

The fact that this is coming from an Evangelical pastor is what makes
this news. However, that is not the reason I'm writing this post.

This pastor's views and beliefs reflect today's mindset of what church
is about...embracing and exhorting of the it is.

"Tidd said he supports gay marriage and would perform same-sex blessings
if asked. A gay man in a committed relationship sits on the church's
board of trustees.

"Our position is not one of lenience, but a matter of justice," said
Tidd, a married father of five. "It's not that we don't acknowledge the
reality of sin. It's not a sin to be gay or act in accordance with your

Its not a sin to "act in accordance with your nature"? Wow. I'm really
trying to give him the benefit of the doubt here. Maybe he spoke without
thinking it through (which is still unacceptable), or maybe his
"explanation" was taken out of context. But, ultimately, I have to
consider the context of the story that his quote was written in regards
and it is a real reflection of the times in which the church has come to

With a calling and a heartfelt confession of Christ Jesus of Nazareth,
as Believers we are to come as we are. But, never, by His Word, or by
the power of the Holy Spirit are we to stay as we are. Philippians 1:6,
Hebrews 12:2

Jesus Christ made it clear of His Holy Mission, that He did not come to
condemn the world, but that the world through Him may be saved. John

Saved from what? The consequences (wages) of sin, which is death. The
wages of what? Sin, singular. What is sin in the singular sense?
Faithlessness. John 3:18, John 16:7-9, Romans 14:23

Sin begets sinS, the manifestations, or evidence of that faithlessness,
by which in turn has become the very nature of the natural man... be you
gay, straight, liar, murder, adulterer/tress etc., etc.

The promise of the power of the Holy Spirit of God, that comes only by
genuine faith, enables a change of what is "natural" that cannot be done
of ourselves. Producing fruits of the Spirit. Galatians 5:22-23 (entire
chapter should be read as whole) thereby, when a true Believer comes
before the Throne of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, we come in
acknowledgement of our nature, confessing His Son. Faithful, that He has
the power to overcome our nature, our flesh. His Spirit quickens us.
(KJV term, John 6:63)

Ephesians 2:5
"Even when we were dead in sinS, hath quickened us together with Christ,
(by grace ye are saved;)"

Yes, it IS a sin to act in accordance to our nature. To embrace this
concept is to embrace the faithlessness that created that nature. You
will not find a scripture with such a erroneous principle. It is CLEAR
that Mark Tidd created that concept by his personal views which has been
assimilated into the culture of what Christianity has become...a
self-help society, that exhorts and encourages you to remain
(oblivious/ignorant to) the self that you are...nature and all.

Treating the Gospel as a statement of belief, rather than a belief of
statement, the church takes the form of a social club, powerless and
ineffectual to evoke the exhortation that inspires Spiritual growth...
to look beyond the self and bear your cross...

Author's note:
To further clarify, this post is NOT written to condemn homosexuality,
but to point out a mindset that reflects the error in understanding the
true Gospel of Jesus of Nazareth. Just as Christ did not condemn,
neither do I condemn, but to share the truth that brings forth salvation
and liberty that comes by faith, with the clarity of the Scriptures.
Mark Tidd's statement is not only unscriptual, but profoundly

I find it arrogant he can make a statement that manipulates the
principle of sin, without backing it up, simply because he has been
certified a "Reverend".

To Mark Tidd's church I warn, RUN, do not walk, to the nearest exit and
start reading the WORD in whole, in faith, for yourselves.

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly with what you've written--but I'm struggling with Mr. Tidd since one of my closest friends attends this church. She has spoken with Tidd and has told me that he believes that the Bible has been misunderstood/misinterpreted in regard to homosexuality.

    I'm on a quest to find out what exactly he (Tidd) sees as "misunderstood or misinterpreted." If in fact something has been askew these past 2000 years then Tidd wouldn't be irresponsible in stating that "people acting according to their nature" is OK.

    Just thought I'd add that. But I am appalled and disturbed, frankly, by Tidd and the following he has. Yet because my friend is also on a journey to understand (so therefore at the present time accepting Tidd's view) I have to research it more if for no other reason than to effectively refute it.

  2. JMH,

    My response to your comment is too large to be posted here :) so, I will post it as a post.


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