Saturday, December 26, 2009


Not five minutes ago I posted an article titled "Car Safety Research for
Pregnant Moms". This post was sent from my phone and meant for my other
blog . Instead of deleting the post,
I thought it would be a good time to share the (drastic) cosmetic
changes I made to it. If you have seen it prior to its changes then
you'll understand what I mean by drastic!

While these two blogs may seem composed of two entirely different
subjects. The OliveParent reflects my 2nd passion in life and goes hand
in hand with how I worship and live my life by faith alone. Like I do in
this blog, I encourage parents, mainly women to know and understand for
themselves, what takes place in their bodies and raise their
babies/children with confidence. This sentiment is aimed at women who
have healthy, normal pregnancies and want more options in birth as
opposed to the over-medicalized process that reflects society fear
and/or disdain for what the Lord had created to be normal and natural.
As you all know, I have six beautiful children. I have had a home birth
with four of them. I also promote breastfeeding on this blog as I am
somewhat of a lactivist.

Did you know that the cesarean rate has rose for the 11th straight year
and is over 30 percent? Did you know the rate of pre-term babies is also
rising. Did you know our infant mortality ranking is bad for a country
as advanced as ours? Did you know that the cesarean rate for home births
are significantly lower than hospitals? You can find these subjects
discussed on the OliveParent. You may not find the OliveParent to your
interest, but please feel to refer it to someone who may be.

Stay warm and safe in this weather!

Blogging from my mobile phone!


  1. Hello, I am a christian also. I don't believe in gay marriage either. All we can do is pray for the pastor that said that.( By the way you will see the picture of gambit, a mutant, a marvel character, I just wanted to let you know I DO NOT believe in evolution.)

  2. Hello! Thanks for stopping by :) Christians and non Christians alike are welcome, although, I have to say they may not like what I have to say in my posts. In any event, I would like to clarify, if I may that I do not identify myself as a Christian, but as a Believer who worships in spirit and in truth, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and His Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

    It is extremely important that distrinction is made in light of Christianity in today's generation, is for the most part, apostate from the principle of the Gospel and Faith, which is self-evident, by the many branches of denominations that identify themselves as Christian.

    If I may also furthur clarify, my post was not speaking out against, nor for gay marriage. I am a firm Believer in the self-evident principle of free will. There is no question that we are all free to choose as we please, good, bad or ugly. My passion is to share the liberating truth of the Gospel without condemnation to the unbelieving society, just as Christ has done with the Woman at the well, Mary Magdalene and countless others (John 3:17)

    This world is temporary and its end is predicted in His Word. I have no desire to take up causes that involve worldly affairs that will soon no longer exist. Ultimately, free will results in personal accountability that only a Holy and righteous God will judge.

    God bless and Happy New Year :)


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