Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's A Girl!

It has been so busy in my house that recently I realized I've yet to announce the arrival of our newest family member!

After a long 9 months, our daughter Linjila Neema Joy was born on September 18th! She weighed in at a hefty 10 pounds and 21 inches long. She is simply gorgeous and sweet. Such a surprise she is after 4 strapping sons. My home birth could not have been more perfect and blessed and I fully boast in the glory of what the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob can do! And now at 7 ½ weeks she is a smiling, blissful, beauty weighing in at 14 pounds!

It is curious to me, as those who profess themselves to be Christians, are my biggest dissenters of home birthing my children. Curious because as believers in today's man-made church system, they profess they love the fellowship/accountability of like-minded members. So together they worship with lifting of hands and praises, being moved to tears they profess the Lord is mighty in His stead and can do ALL things. With uplifted hands they believe faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains...yet upon hearing my home birth testimonies they are the first to offer the "what ifs". They are the first to express doubts of a natural process created by the same Lord they say can do ALL things.

What's up with that??

Its an incredulous contradiction of belief! Even more incredulous they make no association with the double-minded standard. Its completely normal to make such contradicting expressions.

If being a church-attending Christian means having a full assurance of faith one day of the week and being a fear-mongering, worry-wart the rest, I'll keep my "unchurched" status thank you very much!

I have asked the Lord to impart His divine wisdom in understanding my pregnant/laboring body as an unique, individual creation of His and He has obliged and then some.

So I wonder how does one reconcile conflicting proclamations? Do they prioritize Biblical principles by their preferences? Or is True Faith like the Easter Bunny... imaginary, but fun to talk about?

What do YOU think?

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