Saturday, March 12, 2011

Can You See Him?

The beauty of raising seven children is the variety of characteristics that grace our home. There is no shortage of creativity. I absolutely love the fact that these seven babes display a rainforest of personalities, exotic and unique, come from the same people. What an Artist we have in the Lord!

And like a rainforest, people populate the earth, all with talents, skills and thoughts, some unique, others not so unique, but all glorify the Creative Artist in Him.

Being a member of the WWCG long ago, there was a limit on uniqueness. There was no vision of creativity. Blacks and whites were not allowed to mix. Marriages that didn’t fit certain criteria were to be separated. Women were only allowed to wear specific items of clothing, devoid of makeup and allowed to work only at certain jobs. Having come from this background, there’s no wonder why I’m sensitive to any hint of mainstream conform. Many religious organizations are full of, if not mandatory, then pressured, conformity of group thought and action.

Church attendance is one, but then, there are the small things that seem to emanate from individuals that buy into the limited perception of unique individuality. For example, my hair style, or my choice of televisions shows all the way down to my taste in food. I’ve had tense (yes, tense) conversations with people who claim to love the Lord in all of His essence, about these mundane choices of mine.

Really? My hair style? My preference in food? How can matters as minuscule as these bother and disturb another Christian? Do these things detract from the value of my faith, the one thing that is required of Him?

How can they SEE God if these things are so bothersome to them? How can they glorify Him as a Creator of all things, if they cannot perceive my preference of food as something…unique, different…than themselves? I wonder.

An exotic flower in its majestic surroundings can provoke the imaginations of a Glorious God of wisdom and might, how much more should the most mundane differences between two people reveal His power?

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  1. Hi Hannah!
    Beautiful post.

    In reading your post I heard a song that says in Hebrew "Rak Biglal Haruach"- Just because of the Spirit (of Gd)

    Listen, has the English translation.



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